Monday, June 21, 2010

Custom Reporting with Apps Script

Editor's Note: Romain Vialard is a business school student working as a junior product manager at a very large Google Apps Customer. His role is to increase productivity and customer satisfaction through training and knowledge management with Google Apps.

I work at a large enterprise that often deals with thousands of trouble tickets in a day, so we make great use of JIRA’s support and tracking products. We recently embarked on a quest to improve our reporting, which in turn makes managing our projects easier.

Apps Script provides the ability to fetch any url, and easily parse the resulting html or xml document. We can now retrieve our trouble tickets, field by field and month by month to form the basis of our custom reports.

And thanks to the time driven triggers the reports can be automatically generated every morning - waiting for us as we arrive at the office!

We’ve posted ths script in the Apps Script Gallery, and it is also available in this Spreadsheet Template. Take a look at the YouTube video below to see the script in action:

Posted by Romain Vialard, Google Apps Scripter!