Friday, April 1, 2011

Video Tutorial for Ui Services

We are continuously improving our documentation and tutorials. Recently, we created a video tutorial to teach the basics of Ui Services. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your very first UiApp. Enjoy the video!

Posted by Saurabh Gupta, Google Developer Relations


  1. Congrats on the work you guys have been doing the past few months.

  2. Way to go! Would love to see more on UIs. Would make so much easier to understand the use and function of all the different panels and controls. I know there is a lot I am missing.

  3. Great video! I like the arrows showing how things relate.

  4. Installing the script from the Script gallery (section Micellaneous ; look for 'tutorial script' ) appears to fail. Authorization is asked but after this is granted there shows repeatedly a server error when one tries to open the script in the editor or from the script manager.

    The issue seems to be isolated to the "Tutorial - Learn to create UI using Apps Script" script.

  5. I am able to install the script just fine. Please post on the forum if you continue to have issue with installing script from the gallery.

  6. Hi,
    i noticed that we can use Ui Services in google sites too, but i don't know how to show a Panel without use a SpreadSheet. Can we do it?


  7. @lewix This is a fantastic tutorial that highlights spreadsheet and sites classes in Apps Script

  8. Nice video.. could I please ask, is it possible to make external calls from a Google App Script to some external service.
    Let me give a very simple example:
    Say I want to build a script that overtime a certain field is entered in a spreadsheet, the script collect that info, and calls some service (say my own service that does something) and then gets the reply and makes it available back in the spreadsheet.

    Any help would be appreciated !

  9. Great Tutorial Saurabh.

    @Gregg and others I could not capture the user id of other users when using the code on

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

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  11. everytime i try to run the script for generate my own UI it asks me to download a panel instead of showing me the UI. Any solution to this?