Friday, January 29, 2010

Launched: Google Apps Script to Google Apps Standard Edition

Back in August we released Google Apps Script to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers. Today we're excited to extend the availability of Apps Script to Google Apps Standard Edition, used by millions of groups, families, clubs and other organizations around the world.

Google Apps Script provides the ability to automate a variety of tasks such as
modifying Spreadsheets, creating Calendar appointments, checking stock prices, sending email, looking up Contacts and much, much more.

Getting started is easy. You can take a look at the
Apps Script Welcome Page, and then work through some of the Tutorials. Before long you'll be writing scripts to automate all kinds of repetitive tasks like keeping track of group expenses and sending out automated reminders triggered by values in a spreadsheet.

In this example, we're using a Google Docs spreadsheet to keep track of our soccer team's weekly dues. Each player owes $5 per game towards shared expenses. Unfortunately the players can be an absentminded bunch that need frequent payment reminders. In the spreadsheet, every amount entered updates a player's column to indicate which weeks are PAID (in green), and how much is DUE (in red). We've also used Apps Script to add a custom menu:
  • 'Refresh' recalculates and colors cells to indicate which weeks are PAID and which are DUE
  • 'Send Reminders' emails a polite message reminding players in debt to pay up
Go ahead and take a look at the sample code in this template. After choosing Use This Template, select Scripts... from the Spreadsheet's Tools menu. It's a very basic script, but it gets the job done!

Check it out, and
let us know what you think!


  1. I notice that this functionality is not available for Paid Partner Editions. When is the functionality going to be made available?

  2. Using MailService api, I want to send an attachment hosted externally.
    Is there some place where I can look for an example?
    I guess I need to use WebAttachment for this purpose, but dont know how to start.

    I would appreciate if you could add this to the existing tutorials.