Monday, October 12, 2009

3-2-1 Contact!

Today we're pushing a new release of Google Apps Script with a great new feature, and a couple of more minor improvements. The biggest new feature is access to your Google Contacts. For those of you unfamiliar with Google Contacts, it is an address book that ties into your GMail account and can automatically sync to many mobile devices.

You can now create, read, update and delete contacts, and contact groups right from a script. Along with the usual properties like address, phone and email, we’ve also got the ability to create a User Defined Field. This allows you to extend Google Contacts, and customize it to your own style of working - it’s the perfect place to flag that a contact has opted out of receiving your email newsletter, or even simply recording that they’ve been sent the latest issue (that way you can avoid sending duplicate messages). For full details see the Contacts docs.

Another recent update relates to formatting your Spreadsheet content. We’ve exposed a host of new functions in the SpreadsheetApp (specifically in the Range class) that allow you to set formatting properties such as font size, style, weight, color and more.

Pushing so many functions into the Range class left us with another problem - our auto-complete was becoming unmanageable. This release features a new auto-complete system in the code editor:

We’ve got a lot more features coming over the next few months, so make sure to check back regularly, and as always, we’re keen to hear your feedback.


  1. It will be great if instead of creating new features you fix the problems with the already existing api/examples.

    events.getEndTime() returns errors
    events.getStartime() returns errors
    events.getDescription() - returns undefined if there is no string on it.

    There is no support for range object interation whithin the user function.

    Please, tell us where we can find the issues tracking system.

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  3. Id Like to use contactsapp, I manage to use, but documentation is incomplete.

    For example, I want to add one address,
    in the doc,onle say label and address, both strings.
    But in Contacts, Address has subfields, ZIP, Postal code, City, and so on.
    Where I can found docs about Addressfield?
    So I can add a new complete address, in correct way.