Monday, June 14, 2010

Doing more with Calendar

Our Google Calendar integration is one of our more popular services. It's easy to see why, since Google Calendar is such a powerful tool, but it also means that we get a lot of requests from users for new features that expose more of this power. That's why I'm excited to report that we've released a new version of CalendarApp that addresses the most common requests.

We've added functionality for:
  • creating new calendars
  • deleting calendars
  • subscribing to other people's calendars (and unsubscribing too)
  • differentiating between calendars you own and calendars to which you subscribe
  • controlling a calendar's color, whether it is selected, and hiding or showing it in your calendar list
We’ve also added new, more powerful, methods for retrieving events for a given day or a range of days.

Some of the oft-requested features addressed in this release include:
  • creating all day events
  • deleting events
  • managing pop-up, SMS, and email reminders
  • new methods for controlling who can edit your event and how it shows up on other people's calendars
You can also retrieve more information about guests, including their full names (if they are in your contacts) and how many additional guests they plan to bring.

My favorite new feature is the ability to add your own "tags" to events. These are key/value pairs that you can attach to events from scripts. They can't be accessed from within Google Calendar, but you can retrieve them later in another script. This is a great way to attach your own specific meta-data to events, and we are excited to see what you folks will do with it.


  1. Thank you!

    I'll update my template according to those new useful features.

  2. I really don't like object interfaces apps script is creating.
    1) tags should not be a pair...
    2) can't get instance id
    3) contact can't be search by id
    4) rss/atom/json/gdata have different method for handling the same stored entity.