Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New release - new features enabled

We have released changes to Google Apps Script including the following new features:

- Control "editor" access to scripts: a new check box was added at the bottom of the editor window called "Inherit Privileges". If checked, all collaborators on the current document can edit the script. Otherwise, only the script author can make changes to the script.

- New Language Service: support was added for automated translations to multiple languages. Here's an example: Browser.msgBox(LanguageApp.translate("This is a test", "en", "es"));

- New URLFetch Service: this allows scripts to communicate with other applications or access other resources on the web by fetching the content at any URL. Here's an example: Browser.msgBox(URLFetchApp.fetch("").getContentText());

Please continue to give us feedback on any issues you find or on the Google Apps Script features you are using... post your comments and questions in our forum at - as that's a large part of our process for prioritizing changes and new feature requests. Thanks!


  1. Great! The Language Service works like magic, I just fold my arms and watch the cells filled with translated values in several columns to different language.
    Thank you for the hard work guys!

  2. I need to be able to set another cell from a function.. is that ever going to be possible?